The Internet is a vast place and people have chosen a specific corner of it where they regularly get their content. For some, this is social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Others still prefer to find what they are looking for using search engines which takes them to websites. Others take a daily stroll through the millions of videos available online, while others prefer to download and listen to podcasts as they travel or relax. It may be tricky getting your online content marketing to where people are consuming their content.

In 2020, global online content consumption doubled. People are now finding their online content using devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. They are spending more and more time online every day. The pandemic has had a massive effect on this, with YouTube seeing the biggest increase in daily usage and the number of hours streamed. Smartphones are also becoming the device of choice.

Any business who wants to do online content marketing will have to understand how to use the internet and find their audience where they are already consuming their content. There are many aspects that go into a successful online content marketing campaign, and taking into account where people are already consuming their content has to be a key consideration when planning a campaign.

To reach them, you will need to know your audience and their digital habits. If you are targeting an older demographic, they are most probably spending time on Facebook. If you are looking to reach younger people, then you will find them on Instagram or TikTok. Business people hang out on LinkedIn during office hours, mainly from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

When you want to reach the audience of your choosing, you will therefore need to understand them very well and know where to reach them.

Create Valuable Online Content Marketing

Owning a business means you want to sell, right? But with so many people trying to sell us something, it takes a special skill to get the attention of a potential customer and convert them into a paying one. Hard sell on the Internet does not really work, especially on social media. People are not on Facebook to necessarily buy something. They hang out there to interact with friends, catch up on news perhaps, and follow interesting and informative links.

The best way to get their attention is by providing them with interesting content in the format that they prefer. Some people like to read, but let’s face it, they are in the minority. Most people will rather react to a meme or infographic than spending ten minutes reading a full article. Others may prefer a podcast, which means they can listen while doing something else. For most people, videos are their favorite medium and they will spend hours watching one after the other.

Now imagine that you have one piece of content and you can convert it into various formats, so that it will have a much wider reach. Your write a blog, using it to record a video and podcast. You convert the main points into a graphic. You post on social media pages and on your website. In this way, the chances of potential customers seeing and interacting with your content increases and so do your chances of turning them into paying customers.

Find Your Niche

As much as we want our content to reach everybody, we have to understand the value of focusing on a niche. By focusing on a very specific market segment, you will be building trust because your specialized content will resonate with them. You cannot be everything to everybody, so rather zoom in on a very specific niche and speak directly to them.

By doing this, you will situate yourself as a specialist. Not everybody can do what you do and by focusing on a very specific niche interest, you are gaining trust and this will eventually lead to people buying whatever it is you are selling.

When you are using online content marketing and social media to distribute the message, you have to narrow down your audience so as to become very specific with your message. When you target it too broadly, your campaign will not do as well as one that is focused narrowly and targeted at a specific individual.

Modify The Online Content Marketing Message

When you are converting your online content marketing into different formats to reach specific audiences, remember to change the tone and approach to suit the demographic you are targeting. Wording for a press release will be much different to the short and sweet nature of a tweet. Reaching your audience will take a specialized skill and talking to them in the appropriate language on the platform where they are will need you to be creative. Modify the message, taking into account which part of your niche you are targeting.

Make SEO a Priority

No matter the content, if it does not reach the audience, it will have been a waste of time. You need to ensure that SEO is a high priority in everything you do. Use keywords and make sure you tick all the boxes to make sure that the message will be distributed in such a way that it finds the people you need it to reach. This takes a high level of skill and know-how, so sometimes an expert will be most helpful.

Last Thoughts

People are eager to hear from you. They want interesting content that will enrich their lives. They will eventually buy something when they trust you enough. Producing the content is one thing, but getting it to your niche is quite another. Online content marketing does work, yet it is up to you to find out where your audience is and target them there.

If you need any help, please contact Baird Media. We have a team of professionals who can help you get your message across.