Snakes on a Blog

Len Ramirez catches snakes. If a rattlesnake invaded your Northern California home, his business would remove it. As drought has driven the wildlife of the state closer to population centres his business is booming. Now he gets calls from across the state, and it is not only because he is good at wrangling rattlesnakes. 

Ramirez has built a reputation as an authority on the dangerous art of catching snakes. He has done this by creating relevant, educational, and informative blog content for his company website. Now, when the services he (and competitors) offer are most in-demand, Ramirez is the first call for Californians, because his name is first in digital search results. 

Blogs Help Build a Brand

So why is blogging important to the growth of your business? Blogging is marketing without the expense of a campaign. It helps build your brand and allows you to shape perceptions about your service and products. Intelligent and relevant content drives traffic to your website and gives you the insight to separate buyers from window-shoppers. 

More of the people who need your business are looking for you online. The global pandemic has made having a digital presence even more critical. As profitability becomes more challenging, blogs driven by SEO-guided content are the most cost-effective way to get around shrinking marketing budgets. 

Blogs are Effective

Research shows blogging to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for lead generation and building credibility. Not convinced? There are numbers to bolster these claims. Using the growth of e-commerce as a marker, McKinsey Consumer Pulse research found Covid-19 sped up the adoption of e-commerce making a digital presence vital to any business that wanted to thrive. 

Still hesitant? Research shows: 

  • 126% growth in lead generation for small businesses that blog over those that don’t. 
  • Blogging twice a month creates 67% more sales opportunities. 
  • 50+ blog posts increase traffic to your website by 53%.
  • 100+ posts lead to a 300% increase.
  • 200+ and traffic increases by 450%. 
  • An active blog increases your website index rate by 434%, pushing you above your competition in online searches.
  • Blogging costs 62% less to generate leads than traditional methods.
  • Companies with active blogs get indexed by search engines 434% more often than companies without an active blog. 
  • 70% of your customers learn about your company through your blog and 63% are more likely to be influenced to buy. 

Best Return on Investment

In business terms, blogging offers the best return on investment (ROI) over other marketing strategies. More posts make your site and, by extension, your business, more attractive to search engines, lifting you above your competition. Just as Important, blogging builds deep-rooted relationships with customers that are foundational to sustainable businesses. 

It is interesting to note that 81% of consumers trust information and advice they find in blogs and 84% make purchasing decisions based on content. 

Digital is the new business normal. 

Websites are increasingly the place where your customers are going to find information, place orders and arrange services. Your blog, with content focused on providing guidance and help about your products and services, is the most effective marketing tool you have to keep your customers connected and involved. 

A final thought. 

A digital presence is not without its pitfalls. You can’t control the conversations about your business. With a blog, you create and publish the compelling story of your business and its products and help your company to grow. 

Now you know why it’s important, get started on your blog or add to it and you can shape the narrative of your business.

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