Podcasts are slowly becoming one of the world’s most established and cost effective ways of communication.

It is seen as relatively easy and low-cost to launch. It also opens up an exclusively new way for businesses to reach their audience, establish their personal branding and is an effective way of growing a business.

Growing up during the 90’s taught many businesses that word-of-mouth advertising was the best way to market or reach your target audience. 

This form of marketing has been effective for decades. The challenge was that it reached its intended audience either distorted or without the full details, so it ended up defeating its purpose.

Living immersed in the technologically advanced world, businesses now have various platforms that have made them move away from  traditional ways of marketing. 

Despite many platforms such as social media being available, podcasts are regarded as the most personal way to reach out to new potential customers. It gives them an opportunity to get a better idea of your values and way of running a business. It also offers your audience a certain flexibility in how they can reach you.

Podcasts remain the best way to market your business, taking into account the constantly changing technologies which make running a business more complex.

This platform is the best way to market your business due to it being:

Easily accessible

It can be accessed on smartphones and tablets, including Apple and Android devices, virtual personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, and online.

Cost Effective

Setting up an initial podcast is relatively cheap. So as you can imagine the potential return on investment (ROI) can be huge.

Easy for Client Connection

Connecting with customers should not be a struggle. Podcasts make it easy  to reach you, as clients love hearing from your experiences and might even want to be featured on your podcast. This helps you build a better rapport with your current clients.


When you have  more content out, it will be  featured on the “New & Noteworthy” section. This is recommended by experts in the field of podcasts. According to them, the technique is a rare case where quantity is greater than quality.

New content should be released every week to keep engagement going between the brand or company and the audience. Once they get hooked they will wait for the next podcast to be uploaded. 


A survey conducted in 2014 has shown that the number of American consumers who started podcasting increased by 157 % In 2018, Edison Research also conducted a survey that revealed that of the 73 million Americans who regularly download podcasts, 54 %listened to four or more podcasts in the past week.


It provides the audience the ability to dive into topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video. It furthermore offers information in small bits in order for the first time to consume all the information at their own pace and understanding. 

The most important thing about Podcasts is that a listener has the power to playback and fast forward the part or the episode they did not understand during the actual show.

Business growth

Podcasts have the potential to grow and generate traffic to all your social media and websites and that will automatically attract new clients/audiences that might fall in love with your product.


Amid the Global pandemic, many things have changed and businesses had to change their strategy and adopt modern things for their businesses to survive hence we were introduced to things like Google meet, zoom, and Podcast. 

The pandemic gave  rise to digital media such as podcasts and it continues to rise.

Like we have alluded to earlier, Podcast listeners consume an average of seven different shows per week, according to the research and that can improve your business significantly. 

There are over 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes available, and now imagine your business and product being part of that podcast and the revenue it could bring your company. 

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